Hello! It’s me (Grace)! I hope you are having a great spring break. J says hi! Here are is a joke: When skunks go for groceries, where do they find the best bargains? (Where?) At shopping scenters.

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Hello! I hope you had a good day. I am going to write a part of one of my books: The Attack

Pop! Out of a tree in the spooky forest hung a spider! Allie screamed and ran away. Luke smiled. He was glad to get rid of Allie. He thought Allie was a crybaby.

How did you like that? See you later!

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1/25/16 Monday

Hello again! I hope you had a awesome weekend. I love it when people look at other people and be nice to them. Do you? I hope you do nice things with your friends! I like it when I’m in the library. Where do you like to be? I love to be with my dad. Who is the special person in your live? I love talking to you. Oops! I meant writing to you. Bye!

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Hello! Gracie again. I am excited for my sister’s Birthday! I’m going to post some my fashion on gracedean.net sometime soon maybe. My ¬†book (Fashion Diary) is filled with fashion. I hope you enjoy gracedean.net! I also have a whole bunch of homemade kids books I hope you would like! I just love fashion! I hope you like my gracedean.net.

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Gracie’s First Post

Hi! my name is Gracie. I am so happy to write to you! I am a fashion fan and I draw fashion too!

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Hello world!

Welcome to KDA Web Technologies Hosting Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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